Tee Splitting & Straightening

Typical tee splitting using thermal tools results in bowing and twisting, which ultimately compromises the strength of the beam. In order to maintain or exceed industry tolerances, our rotary-mechanical shear splits beams without twisting to produce straighter beams without the internal stress. After splitting, our roll-straightening services maintains that strength and gives you the straightest tees in the industry.

Tee-Splitting & Straightening Capabilities

  • Minimum 6” depth beams for splitting
  • Maximum 27” depth for rotary splitting
  • Maximum 60’ length beams for splitting
  • Maximum 12” flange size for straightening


Serving CA, CO, UT, and beyond

As your single source for steel in the western USA, Intsel Steel West not only provides a complete range of high-quality steel products, but also the value-added services you need to keep your shop or job running smoothly. We can provide next-day delivery for most products with facilities throughout the California, Colorado, and Utah regions, as well as Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Montana, Idaho, and Nebraska.

Other Services

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