Steel Material Testing

Intsel Steel West sources high-quality steel from around the world to meet US compliance standards. As your single source for steel, we provide added testing according to your project requirements.

CVN (Charpy V Notch)

The CVN test indicates the notch toughness of a material. Most tests involve striking the notch on three pieces at the same temperature, but you may choose to test at different temperatures to learn the ductile to brittle transition curve. The report will show the absorbed energy within a piece of metal, but cannot be used on a welded piece.

Y/T/E Testing (Yield, Tensile, Elongation)

Testing yield, tensile, and elongation on a piece of steel will have an impact on the materials used for your project. The yield test measures the weight necessary to permanently change the shape of the piece. Tensile test shows the weight that will cause the steel to break. Elongation is determined as the percentage difference between yield and tensile: how much the steel will bend or stretch without permanently changing shape or breaking.

Chemical Analysis

Our chemical analysis defines the specific metals making up the steel alloy, because the chemical composition of a material determines the performance. Your industry or project may require these tests to conform to ASTM standards and ensure compliance.

Hardness Testing

The hardness test defines the resistance necessary to indent a metal: softer metals indent easily, while hard metals are more difficult to imprint. Results will indicate the depth of the impression on the steel.

Steel Material Testing in CA, CO, UT, and beyond

Intsel Steel West takes care of material testing, so you don’t need to manage the logistics between locations. Our suppliers throughout the western USA provide just-in-time delivery throughout the California, Colorado, and Utah regions, as well as Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Montana, Idaho, and Nebraska. We handle the sourcing, processing, and material testing, so your shipment arrives ready for fabrication. We streamline the entire steel supply process to get everything you need with one order.

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