Plate Processing

Kinetic K5000xmc

Our heavy plate processing equipment allows you to place one order for all your steel needs: not only do we carry all the steel you need for the project, but our many facilities also have processing capabilities to streamline your operations and meet your timelines.

With one machine to handle all of these functions, we work efficiently and eliminate scrap metal in the process.

High-definition Plasma Cutting

  • Table dimensions: 12’ x 45’
  • Internal piercing-cut capacity: up to 1.5” thick
  • Maximum edge cutting capability: 2.5” thick
  • Plasma cutting: up to 3” thick

With True Hole technology on our machines, we’re able to cut without using water which produces better hole quality and cleaner cuts than typically possible.

Oxy-fuel Cutting

  • Table dimensions: 10’ x 42’
  • Cutting plate capacity: 8” thick


With our CNC Heavy Plate Processing equipment, we can drill holes up to 4” in diameter in a 6” plate. For larger diameters, we could use the plasma cutting tools.

Other Plate Processing Functions

  • Tapping
  • Countersinking
  • Milling
  • Carbide Scribing
  • Beveling

Serving CA, CO, UT, and beyond

Focus on what your business does best, while we handle the logistics of steel supply. You place one order for all your steel and processing, and then it ships to you or the job site right when you need it. With suppliers throughout the western USA, Intsel Steel West can provide just-in-time delivery throughout the California, Colorado, and Utah regions, as well as Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Montana, Idaho, and Nebraska.

Other Services

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