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With a large inventory and variety of processes, Intsel Steel West offers both flexibility in delivery timelines and stability in pricing.

Your Single-Source Steel Distributor

We learn what our clients need, and continually add products or services to become your one source for every type of steel your project needs.

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Next-Day Delivery

Time is always critical in your project, and Intsel Steel West has the inventory to get you what you need right away with next-day delivery from one of our many facilities in the region.

Inventory Management

Storage space is always at a minimum, and we’re helping you solve that problem with fixed rate based on purchase order and inventory management to release your product right when you need it. Just call us when it’s time to send the steel to your shop or the job site, and we’ll get it there the next day.

Always Growing To Meet Your Needs

As we continue to grow, Intsel Steel West looks to expand where our customers need us. Whether that’s new locations for quick delivery, or new services to meet your demands, our customer-focused approach ensures we grow in the right direction.

With Value-Added Services like saw cutting, cambering, drilling, burning, and others, we complete the process, so the steel is ready to use when you receive it. As more than just a steel supplier, we offer industry guidance to find creative solutions to your cost or inventory challenges.

Call Intsel Steel West to learn how we can grow your company’s success and profitability.

Our History of Excellent Service

With locations throughout the Western US, from California to Colorado to Montana, Intsel Steel West has a long history of growth-oriented, customer-oriented service. Get to know us with a history of each location. We look forward to hearing from you!

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