Merchant Bars

Merchant Bars

As your single source for steel supply, Intsel Steel West stocks merchant bars in a variety of shapes, diameters, and thicknesses, from round, flat, and angles. With processing available through our many facilities, we can bend and cut your bars exactly how you need them so they’re ready upon arrival at the shop or job site.


Merchant-bar quality steel works well for applications needing easy welding and machining but will not be the best choice if high-quality surface conditions are required. As a lower-quality hot-rolled-steel bar, they are used for fabricating steel floor and roof joists, walkways, railings, and concrete forms. Since these bars conform to ASTM A575, they are not recommended for forging, heat-treating, cold-drawing, or intricate machining.

Rebar Applications

Rebar is reinforcing bars for concrete construction, offering an economical option with excellent tensile strength with corrosion resistance.

  • Buildings
  • Foundations
  • Roadways
  • Bridges

Merchant Bars Delivered to CO, CA, UT and beyond

Stop placing multiple orders from multiple steel suppliers and then coordinating transportation, timelines, and various budgets. With Intsel Steel West, you only place one order for all the steel products and processing you need. We have multiple facilities across the western United States to manage your inventory and transportation, saving you time in scheduling and saving you money in overhead. You get a fixed rate and next day delivery from any of our facilities from Colorado, California, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Montana, Idaho, and Nebraska. Call us today for a quote.

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