Structural Steel Products

With an extensive line of structural steel beams, tubing, plates, and bars, Intsel Steel West will become your single-source steel supplier, fulfilling your entire steel order for each project. Then, with our materials management service, we support your supply chain to streamline your operations.


Steel Supplier to CO, CA, UT and beyond

With locations throughout the Western United States, Intsel Steel West can deliver your product where you need it, when you need it. Our goal is to support your success with the best supply in the region and the best customer service. We grow to keep up with your needs, whether that’s through new locations or new machining processes.

Next-Day Delivery

With our bulk inventory of all products and finish, we offer next-day delivery on almost everything. Our large facilities give you the best price for the product, but our dedicated teas with decades of experience strive to serve you better each day.

Streamline Your Supply Chain

Through materials management, Intsel Steel West holds your inventory until you need it at a fixed rate based on your purchase order. With our knowledge of the industry, we can offer you strategic insight to measure lead times, navigate international purchasing and shipping, and predict future pricing to give you a competitive edge in the bidding process.

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