There are 1.2 million new homes being built in the U.S. every year. Competition is fierce among these constructions. It increases for existing homes looking to be sold! It’s crucial that any new construction project or renovation is competitive, appealing, and budget-friendly.

Flat steel bars are the metal of choice for this because they meet all of those criteria. They’re perfect for professional home builders, industrial planners, and DIY homeowners. Continue reading this post to learn more about what they are and how you can use them in your home today!

What Are Flat Steel Bars?

There are many types of steel bars on the market. What makes flat steel bars the best bars for construction is their composition. It’s a flexible material and very strong. Steel can be the foundation frame for structures big and small.

Flat steel bars are very malleable. They can be worked and reworked into varying shapes, lengths, widths. Create a project that suits your design taste with steel. Its strength makes it perfect to endure varying weather conditions and building materials.

Though flat in name, it doesn’t mean they have to be flat in design. The “flat” refers to how they’re made. Flat steel bars are produced on a rolling mill or have been conditioned into their flat state. You can still transform them into curved or rolled steel structures despite the flat name.

Ways To Use Flat Steel Bars

Steel bars are not only flexible in composition but in use as well. Flat steel bars are strong enough to support anything from tiny homes to large parking garages.

Their use doesn’t end in exterior construction. Flat steel bars are perfect for interior design as well. They can be rustic and industrial for office design. They can also be sleek, contemporary, and stainless for modern homes and office spaces as well.

You can weld them, mold, and cut flat steel bars. They are perfect for any DIY project. There are many different steel bar applications for construction projects and they all benefit from its use. Let us know your steel bar budget and request a quote today!

1. Building a Frame

There are many benefits to using steel as a frame for your home or building. Using steel for frame building is popular because it’s cost-effective, durable, and reliable. It’s easy to work with and contort.

Rather than building around a frame, you can build a frame in a design you like with flat steel bars. Its durability is legendary as it easily outlasts wood and is fireproof.

2. Artwork

Continuing to prove itself as a versatile metal, steel is perfect for adding a statement art piece to your home or yard space. Its malleability allows for artists to make sculptures that can conform within specific spaces or dimensions.

Not looking to commission artwork? You can rework scrap metal from an existing project! This is a perfect option to make small desk pieces or a DIY paperweight or office tray.

3. Appliances

Steel is a safe metal. It’s easy to clean, germ-resistant, and can coordinate with any design. Because of this, everyday appliances in homes and buildings can use steel.

We’re familiar with seeing stainless steel appliances. Refrigerators, dishwashers, and washing machines are common uses of this. These are not the only ways to use steel in the home.

There is less processed steel for everyday home uses that can be a DIY project as well. Flat steel bars can become doors, latches, and storage bins. The project and possibilities are endless!

4. Home Improvements

Flat steel bars can be cut and worked post-construction as well. Minor home improvement projects can add greatly to the resale value. Consider utilizing steel in these projects to do so.

Steel is resistant to rot, rust, and mold. This not only makes the building material in your home durable but makes your investments more cost-effective. You won’t spend as much on maintenance and upkeep.

Homeowners can use steel to reinforce structures like stairways, arches, fences, and foundations that already exist. We offer next-day delivery for our products to most locations so you can get your project started today!

5. Green Additions

How about finally adding in that extra bedroom, office space, or expanding the kitchen and making your home greener in doing so? On a list of green and earth-friendly products, metals are not usually found on that list. Surprisingly, Steel would be on that list because it’s one of the most eco-friendly materials for construction and design.

It’s one of the most sustainable metals because it’s fully recyclable and reusable. In fact, is the most recycled material in the world! The scrap not used for production is often saved and re-utilized for other steel products. That’s why steel is certified by the International Green Construction Code and the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

Many new office buildings and complexes being built are re-utilizing steel that has once been the foundation for other structures in an effort to be more earth-friendly. Check with your flat bar supplier if there are ways to re-use steel for your construction project.

Get Yours Today!

A metal that’s malleable, strong, and eco-friendly. You can’t go wrong with steel! With flat steel bars, the possibilities are endless and the benefits are tremendous.

Make your new construction project that much more competitive with steel. Use steel for your home renovation project and make it a must-have when it’s time to sell. Be sure to read our blog for more news and updates.

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