The development of steel in the 1850s led to a considerable modernization of the construction industry. It’s remained a popular building material over the past 172 years, and for good reason! Steel is durable, efficient, and offers flexibility for various projects. But sourcing the exact steel products you need can be laborious. And storing a large inventory is costly and a waste of space. That’s why your Tucson metal supply company can help.

Explore the many benefits of working with Intsel Steel West! From a large inventory to a host of value-added services, we work tirelessly to make your job easier.

Extensive Range of Steel Products

We know how frustrating it is to make multiple orders for different types of steel. Simplify the process by choosing a single source supplier! Let’s look at some of our inventory in-depth.

Steel angles come in bar sizes of 10 – 40ft and structural sizes of 20 – 60ft. We offer different types of steel grades, including:

For structural steel bars, look no further than Intsel Steel! Our stock of high-quality steel bars follows ASTM standards. You’ll find the following in supply:

We know that steel beams are often the backbone of any construction project. Rest assured that you’ll be able to order the following from our collection:

When building structures, steel channels are the perfect light and flexible material. They are ideal for walls and roofs. Our stock includes:

You can choose from a variety of expanded metal and grating for finishing touches. Areas that will get a lot of use should utilize grating that meets NAAMM standards. These grates also offer customization options such as being painted, galvanized, or given a bare finish.

Intsel Steel West’s product inventory is incredibly diverse and also includes:

Intsel Steel West is proud of our substantial inventory! We know that your goal is to source materials in a quick and cost-effective manner. Our goal is to always provide the highest level of service, and we love to see satisfied customers.

Best Price Guarantee

An impressive inventory has no value if the prices don’t meet customer standards. That’s why we strive to give you the best price every time, but we don’t stop there. Intsel Steel offers a fixed rate based on your order, and it stays the same regardless of when you need the delivery! That means no sneaky prices increases upon delivery. Whether you need your order tomorrow or two months later, the price is guaranteed upon your order. It’s just another way we provide the best possible experience for our customers.

Amazing Value-Added Services

Intsel Steel’s philosophy is deeply rooted in providing the best customer service. Building a comprehensive list of stock to suit your needs isn’t enough. So we’ve expanded to bring you vital value-added services!

We offer saw-cutting services with a fully automated Voortman VB1050 cutting machine. Not only is the precision exceptional, but it’s also time-efficient so that you get your supplies on schedule. Whether you need 44″ flange size beams or bundle sizes, we’ll do the work for you.

Plate processing is another service our dedicated team performs. Processing is done with one machine to eliminate scrap metal waste and save you money. We offer the following plate processing services:

The savings don’t stop there. To cut out the middle man, we provide in-house beam cambering and bending. Intsel also has the ability to bend bars, angles, tubes, and more with high accuracy. And speaking of accuracy, we work hard to ensure your purchases are up to standards. Maybe you need documentation to prove standards, or you want quality assurance. The following chemical testing is the perfect value-added service to satisfy those needs:

There’s no point in testing if the product isn’t perfect. That’s why we avoid thermal tools for tee splitting and opt for rotary-mechanical shearing. This process ensures your beams maintain their integrity and remain perfectly straight.

Finally, our shearing and bending services are entirely digital with laser-guided placement. We use several types of shearing methods, with the ability to create 150-degree bends. Even sheets as light as 16-gauge can get the bending treatment.

Next-Day Delivery in Tucson

Steel prices continue to climb every day. In fact, between 2020 and 2021, prices skyrocketed over 200%! Even when steel industry prices fluctuate, on-site storage is not an optimal solution.

First, storing your steel inventory on your project site is simply a waste of money. It does have the benefit of being readily available when you need it, but at what cost? Assembling storage facilities to house large amounts of materials is costly and time-consuming. Steel also requires specific warehouse conditions to maintain its ideal state. But owners and managers often think self-storage is the only option because many steel suppliers don’t offer quick delivery.

Intsel Steel West offers next-day Tucson steel supply delivery. You order it on Monday, and it arrives on your site on Tuesday. Not only that, but thanks to our value-added services, it delivers ready for use.

Make Us Your Number One Choice for Tucson Metal Supply

Intsel Steel West aims to be your trusted, single-source Tucson metal supply partner. We’re confident that we can provide an immense inventory of structural steel products to suit your every project. Not only that but the different types of steel we offer are upgraded, with our value-added services.

We work hard to make your job easier. And with next-day delivery in Tucson, we save you some money as well. No more storage, no more ordering from multiple suppliers. Find everything you need at Intsel Steel West!

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