Intsel Steel West makes high-grade carbon-steel tubing that’s available to purchase in high-volume quantities. The price we quote you on purchase is the price you pay, regardless of when we deliver. Because we can deliver the correct proportion of your order to your preferred fabricator or site when needed (giving your customers the opportunity to schedule multiple deliveries in line with their production schedule), the need for long-term storage space for your bulk steel tubing is eliminated.

We keep our stock levels high, enabling us to deliver almost any volume of tubing exactly when it’s needed. Read on to discover the various types of tubing we manufacture, and the advantages using us for your bulk steel tubing order can bring.

Types of Steel Tubing Available From Intsel Steel West

Steel Pipe

Suitable for industry, construction, medical applications, and related sectors, the steel pipe we provide can be customized to meet your specifications.

Our selection of steel pipe products include:

A53 Type S Compliant Steel Pipe

Ideal for holding high-temperature liquids or for use in high-temperature locations A53 Type S is also strong and uniform. Due to the manufacturing process, it has no welded seam and can be cold-finished as required for your specific application.

A53 Type F Compliant Continuous Weld, Butt-Welded Pipe

Produced from a narrow strip of forged metal (skelp), the butt weld down the seam is achieved by pressing the two edges of hot skelp together, using a series of pass-welding rolls. The pipe can be cut to whatever length is required.

A53 Type E Compliant Electrical Resistance Pipe

In this type of steel piping, the butt joint is achieved through the use of pressure and heat supplied by an electric current.

FS Tubing and Pipe/Fence Pipe

Fabricated from high tensile steel, the fence posts from Intsel Steel West are cold-rolled and water-quenched, resulting in tough steel that’s resistant to bumps and knocks.  The posts are triple-coated for protection against corrosion and weathering. Specifically designed for use with awnings and other structures at height, FS tubing is a lightweight tubing that’s galvanized with Gatorshield for superior corrosion protection.

Galvanized Awning Pipe and Tube

An alternative to FS tubing galvanized awning pipe can be used as a lightweight alternative to Schedule 40 piping. Ideal for load-bearing applications where weight is a consideration, FS tubing is a durable, long-lasting option.

Square Mechanical Tubing

Primarily used for maintenance and structural purposes, we provide a range of square mechanical tubing that includes:

Round Mechanical Tubing

We offer both hot-rolled (which will take a painted finish) and cold-rolled (the preferred option where a high finish is required) mechanical tubing. All our mechanical tubing is made from M1010 grade steel, for optimal results.

Why use Intsel Steel West for Your Next Bulk Steel Tubing Order?

Next- Day Delivery Across the West of the US

Our sophisticated logistics and multiple storage sites across the west enable us to deliver to our customers the day after they place their order. Regardless of volume, we make sure your order is with you exactly when it’s needed. This high degree of flexibility enables our customers to dispense with the need for additional storage to hold their piping until it’s needed. We can make as many deliveries as necessary, providing the volume of piping you need to complete the next stage of your project without leaving you with tonnes of steel to try and store.

If you’re a retailer that sells products on, our just-in-time supply strategy ensures you don’t end up needing to store a high volume of stock “just in case”. If a customer orders from you, we can deliver the volume of products you need to meet that order the next day, enabling you to pass it on to your customer promptly (or we can deliver direct to whatever location in the west you specify).

High-Volume Orders a Specialty

We keep our stock volumes high across all our depots. This enables us to deal with high-volume wholesale orders at short notice.  Stock levels are high across our range, so you’ll end up with a complete order, regardless of its composition. Regardless of volume, we will still almost always be able to provide you with next-day delivery, if you’re located in the west of the country.

The Price you pay When you Order is Fixed

If you’ve placed a high-volume order, it’s often the case that you don’t want the entire order delivered at one time. Once you’ve placed your order, the price we’ve agreed with you is the price that you pay, regardless of when the order is delivered. Even if the order is delivered in several increments over a year, you’ll still only pay the amount initially quoted, even if prices have risen subsequently. The fixed price we charge enables you to cost for projects with confidence, knowing exactly how much the bulk steel tubing in the project is going to cost, even if the project materializes some months down the line.

A Wide Range of Steel Tubing Options

Intsel Steel West manufactures a broad spectrum of steel tubing that meets the specifications for the majority of projects. If you need a customized option or have a tricky project that requires a suitable solution, we will do our best to meet your needs. For most customers, it’s possible to procure every type of steel tubing needed from Intsel Steel West.

Committed to Remaining Competitive

We are continually looking at ways to remain competitive without ever compromising the quality and value of our products. With an expanding selection of value-added services and a commitment to fast, just-in-time supply, we are determined to give our customers the high-grade steel products they need to meet their business goals.

Contact the team at Intsel Steel West to find out more about our products and services.

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