This specialized metal is used in a variety of different industries. From building construction to military equipment, this abrasion-resistant steel is used worldwide in many fields. AR steel plate uses include manufacturing bridges, buildings, armored ships, and more. This article will discuss the common applications of AR steel plates and how they can benefit specific industries.

First, let’s take an in-depth look at this specialized metal.

What Is AR Grade Steel?

Abrasion-resistant (AR) steel is a type of high-carbon steel. The extra carbon added during formation makes AR steel extra tough. The added alloys increase the steel’s hardness and weather resistance, making it ideal for high-stress applications.

This steel has earned its name because of its durability. AR steel is high-strength and can resist corrosion, abrasion, and impact damage. These steel plates are often used to construct buildings, bridges, and roadways because they can support heavy loads.

AR steel comes in a variety of grades and thicknesses. Each grade has unique properties that generate specific results. Some common types of steel plates include AR400 steel, AR500 steel, and AR600 steel. The specific numbers refer to the hardness of the steel, which is measured using the Brinell hardness scale. Each grade delivers unique uses for consumers.

What are Common Applications for AR Steel Plates?

AR steel plate has many applications because it can resist heavy loads while resisting abrasion, rusting, or other damage. Some common uses of AR steel plates include:

Military Applications

The military uses AR steel to create armored vehicles, tanks, and other equipment. Its ability to resist heat and violent impacts makes it perfect for military vehicles that need to protect soldiers. The steel’s resistance to rusting and corrosion makes it useful for creating watertight compartments and armor plating.

AR steel plates are also used to protect soldiers from bullets and other projectiles. They’re found in various types of armor, from bulletproof vests to infantry helmets. The metal is ideal for use as protective gear in life-threatening scenarios.

Additionally, shooting targets are often made from AR steel plate. The metal has high impact damage resistance. These metal plates are often used as durable targets for recruits to practice firing. The steel targets are beneficial for soldiers because they can withstand high-impact damage. Civilian gun owners can also use them for home target practice or at ranges.

Building Construction

The construction industry is one of the primary trades that use AR steel. The abrasion resistance and impact toughness make this steel ideal for applications in building construction. Many businesses use steel plates for construction. This includes the use of beams to strengthen flooring or roofs. AR steel can also be used in the manufacturing of door and window frames.

AR steel is excellent for building steel structures like bridges and buildings because it can support heavy loads without becoming damaged.

Mining Operations

Mining operations use AR steel due to its resistance against elemental damage. Mines are a dangerous environment for machinery. So they often need reliable materials to battle many unique challenges.

Mining operations are also tough on equipment because the job site is exposed to high heat and pressure. AR steel plates are perfect for these conditions because of their resistance against abrasion, impact damage, and weathering.

Construction Vehicles

AR steel is often found in excavators or cranes to support heavy loads. These machines usually need parts with durability against abrasion, rusting, corrosion. AR steel plate is also strong enough to handle the weight of heavy machinery without breaking down.

Construction vehicles usually work in harsh environments. So they need equipment that can handle demanding conditions. These steel plates are perfect for use in cranes and excavators because of their resistance against rusting from humid air or debris.

Pipe Manufacturing

Pipe manufacturers often use AR steel. These structures often need parts that are resistant to corrosion and abrasion. AR steel is perfect for the fabrication of these products. Typical uses in this industry include pipelines, cabling, and chimney stacks.

Pipelines need parts that can resist corrosion, especially for use in underwater environments. Steel plate is ideal for building medium to large diameter pipes because it resists rusting from moisture.

Machinery Manufacturing

Because this steel is made to withstand heavy loads, it’s often used in machinery manufacturing for its durability. For example, AR steel is found in large construction equipment or mining machines. In addition, its ability to resist abrasion and impact damage makes it especially useful in creating wear-resistant parts.

Ship Building

Shipbuilding is one of the largest consumer industries for AR steel. Abrasion-resistant steel is used to build ships due to its resistance against corrosion and rust.

It’s strong enough not to buckle under the pressure of heavy loads. These benefits make the material ideal for building large ships like oil tankers. Also, its high weather resistance (especially to saltwater) allows it to last long in shipyards and water.

Roadway Construction

AR steel is used in construction projects like building new roads or repairing old ones. The material is resistant to abrasion and corrosion, making it useful for high-stress applications on roadways and bridges. The steel’s impact toughness also makes it ideal for these types of projects.

Oil and Gas Drilling Rigs

This durable steel is often found in oil drilling rigs because it can resist corrosion caused by saltwater. Offshore rigs need components that are resistant to high pressure and abrasion. AR steel is perfect for these applications. It’s strong and resistant enough to endure the seas and their harsh environments.

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AR steel is known for its reliability and strength. It’s essential in industries that need parts that last. Various sectors, including construction vehicles, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding, and roadway construction, need AR steel plates to function at their best.

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