Intsel Steel West are metal suppliers Albuquerque businesses can rely on for next-day delivery of high-grade steel sheets, plates, bars, tubes, and related items in almost any volume. We stock a complete range of steel products that can be used in construction, industry, fencing, engineering, and similar applications.

Our extensive selection of value-added services is one of the things that sets us apart from other pipe and tube suppliers – take a look at the options we have available. Read on to discover more about our range, and the value-added processes we can use to customize your order successfully.

Our Range Of Steel Products For Delivery In Albuquerque

We keep stock volumes high at our various storage depots in and around Albuquerque. This enables us to fill high-volume orders easily and rapidly – your products are almost always available for next-day delivery, helping you to manage your inventory, and apply a just-in-time methodology to remove the need for additional storage space.


We can provide:


Our range includes:



Pipes and Tubing


If you need a particular configuration, our advanced Fabmatic Rebar Bending Machines can bend the rebar into one of eighty different options. Our selection of rebar includes A588, M1020, and A36 specifications. Suitable for foundations and walkways, rebar is also widely used in bridge-building and construction.

Merchant Bars

Easily welded and ideal for applications where a high-quality surface isn’t a priority, Intsel Steel West stocks merchant bars in a wide range of dimensions. We stock merchant bars to the ASTM A575 standard, suitable for joists, railings, roof joints, and concrete forms. This is cost-effective, lower-grade steel that is extremely versatile.

Heavy Structural Products

If you need jumbo beams or tubes, we can supply them on the date you need them – no storage or waiting required. Our jumbo products are usually made from either A992/A572 50 or A500B. A992/A572 50 contains a mixture of vanadium and columbium, which makes it easier to weld and provides additional strength. A500B is a relatively lightweight option that offers good resistance against corrosion.

Like all the other products we offer, heavy structural items for Albuquerque projects come with next-day delivery as standard.


Providing a one-stop solution to all your angle requirements, Instel Steel West provides angles constructed from steel that conforms to the following specifications:

If you’re unsure which option is going to meet your project brief, we’re happy to advise. Custom angles are also available – ask and we can provide you with further details.



We stock all the common grades and dimensions of the plate you’re likely to need for your next project. Offering specs such as A588, A572-50, ASTM A516-GR70, and A36, abrasion-resistant and/or high-strength options, our complete plate range is available in Albuquerque for next-day delivery.


Note that we offer value-added services on all our sheet products, including bending, folding, and rolling. The main sheet options we provide are:

Hot Rolled Coils

The coils we provide come pre-split and leveled if required, saving you time and labor on your project. Order these along with the other steel forms you need and we can complete your entire order and have it shipped to your location the next day.

Our Value-Added Services

If you want your steel pre-prepared to reduce labor on-site and progress your project more quickly, we offer a selection of value-added services that ensure your steel is ready for fast, straightforward installation. These include:

Instel Steel West Provides Steel Supply An Albuquerque Businesses Can Depend On

Our goal is to make our customers’ lives easier! From promising that the price you pay on order is fixed, regardless of when your products are delivered, to our next-day delivery option that avoids the need to find storage for your steel components, we do everything we can to provide a responsive solution to your steel needs.

If you’re an Albuquerque business that needs a high volume of steel components, all made to strict quality assurance standards, it’s time to get in touch with the team at Intsel Steel West.

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